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Our Expertise

We’re not about volume; we’re about relationships. Our firm provides personalized attention that can’t be matched by larger, more cumbersome firms.

Your convenience is a top priority. Our virtual firm has the flexibility to work on your terms and with your schedule.

Our goal is to give you financial empowerment so you can do what you do best: run your business.

No two individuals or businesses are alike. Our concierge-style services are tailored based on an in-depth understanding of your goals and lifestyle.

Adopting new technologies can save time and increase productivity. We’ll collaborate with you to design an efficient and effective system.

Great financial strategies help achieve your larger goals. To get there, it takes an accounting expert who is proactive, not reactive.

It’s where you want to go and how you want to get there that define who you are.”

This is the philosophy behind Avant. The pandemic got us thinking about life, work, where we wanted to be in twenty years and remembered that what you do isn’t as important as why and how you do it. We envisioned our end goal and reverse-engineered it to design a business model that doesn’t follow industry norms and is representative of our values and mission. Our hope is for Avant’s philosophy to serve as a powerful reminder to other entrepreneurs of what got them started in the first place and the whys that continue to drive them forward: financial independence, supporting family, building something to call their own, pursuing growth, and maintaining a life in balance, to name a few. Our mission is to partner with clients in realizing and sustaining their business, personal, and lifestyle goals (their “whys”) through financial empowerment and timely decision-making.


  • Why choose our virtual accounting firm?
  • A Different Approach
  • Our Values
Why choose our virtual accounting firm?

We’re CPAs with actual small business experience. We’ve run a business first-hand as owners in industries outside of accounting and as external controllers for clients. Combined with our years as CPAs in public accounting firms, we’ve got a well-rounded background of over 15 years in the retail, restaurant, real estate, and professional industries.

Recognizing the digital trend early on, our firm has been virtual since 2015. We use the latest cloud tools to provide concierge-style services to our clients. Forget the long drive and limiting office hours: we’ll make it convenient for you.

A Different Approach

We’re Certified Public Accountants who think beyond the numbers: forward-thinking, process-driven, and capable of pivoting between logistical details and a big-picture perspective to provide insights and guide future decisions. Our concierge-style of service encourages clients to meet with us regularly throughout the year, not just at “tax time.” As your trusted advisor, we’ll work on a 360-degree lifestyle strategy: a blueprint of where you are now to where you want to be. If you’re looking for more than a tax return–you’ve come to the right place!

Our Values

The Client Experience: Our core values center around the principle of treating others as we’d want to be. Time and capacity are finite. A firm stretched beyond its limits negatively impacts its stakeholders, and we don’t want that for our clients or our team. That’s why our business model was designed for organic growth instead of volume to maximize the client experience. No matter their size, each client receives the level of responsiveness, expertise, and advisory they want and need. We will listen, be proactive, and use a 360-degree approach. We’ll collaborate with your existing team of trusted advisors (or help you build one) to make sure we’re all working to realize and sustain your financial and lifestyle goals.


You’re unique and so is the way we’ll work with you. With a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, our virtual CPA firm can create a package that will help you achieve them – all with transparent pricing and no surprises.

Individual & Business Income Tax Returns

Consulting & Business Advisory

Accounting & Bookkeeping Ecosystems

Software Training & Consulting

Financial Checkups

PRICING: Simple & Straight-forward

Pricing should be transparent. Our services are curated according to the specific needs of each client. After building a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, we create a package that will help you achieve them–all with up-front pricing, so there are no surprises. When you call or email us with a question, you won’t have to worry about a meter running and charging you by the minute.

Subscription-Based Accounting & Financial Packages:

  • No setup fees

  • A simple onboarding process

  • No cancellation fees

  • Upfront pricing – no surprise bills

Contact us for a customized quote.




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